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Keeping Bethesda Pets' Teeth Polished and Shined

A dog's teeth being checked

You take great care in keeping your teeth clean and healthy, do your pet a favor and do the same for them. Combining an at-home dental routine, with annual dental exams and cleanings as needed, not only keeps your pet’s teeth gleaming white, but also decreases the chances of developing serious periodontal disease and infections related to tartar build-up.

At Home Dental Care

Bradley Hills Animal Hospital encourages an at-home dental regimen to improve the overall health of your pet’s teeth. Our staff can assist you in developing an at-home routine and instruct you regarding proper technique and frequency.

Annual Dental Exam

During your pet’s annual wellness exam our veterinarian will look for signs of tartar build-up and symptoms of other periodontal disease. They will review your current at-home dental routine, recommending a professional dental cleaning if necessary.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Pet dental cleanings are a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia. In the field of veterinary medicine the standards from one hospital to another can vary greatly however Bradley Hills Animal Hospital takes great pride in the high standards and state-of-the-art anesthesia processes used in our surgical suite.

After nearly 25 years of looking to you to provide the primary care for our animal family, we are still impressed with your ability to bring so many years of experience and observation into each interaction, always tempered with a deep understanding for our responsibilities to family members who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you again for being an exceptional family veterinarian and friend, and for being so present and available to us and to Keeper when we needed your help. - Jennifer