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Employment Opportunities

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At Bradley Hills we are proud of our veterinary medical team and we are always interested in adding new members. If you have a positive attitude, good communications skills, and a willingness to learn, we want to talk to you.

Bradley Hills hires both full and part-time for the positions of:

  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Front Desk Receptionist/Client Service Representative

Please email your resume to our Practice Manager,

After nearly 25 years of looking to you to provide the primary care for our animal family, we are still impressed with your ability to bring so many years of experience and observation into each interaction, always tempered with a deep understanding for our responsibilities to family members who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you again for being an exceptional family veterinarian and friend, and for being so present and available to us and to Keeper when we needed your help. - Jennifer