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Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, A Unique Animal Healthcare Experience

Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, A Unique Animal Healthcare Experience

Bradley Hills Animal Hospital opened its doors in March of 2001 with owner, Dr. Charles Weiss, a 1990 graduate of the University Of Missouri School Of Veterinary Medicine as its primary veterinarian. Dr. Weiss grew up in Long Island, NY where he began his veterinary medicine career at 14 years old as a Kennel Assistant at the South Shore Animal Hospital. He specializes in the treatment of dogs and cats, and Dr. Weiss is well-known in the area for his expertise in laser surgical techniques.

Dr. Weiss is committed to practicing state-of-the-art medicine yet he believes listening to client concerns and treating each patient with gentle compassion is the key to practicing the highest-quality of veterinary medicine.

Bradley Hills Mission

The Bradley Hills Animal Hospital was developed with several important goals. First and foremost, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and clients in a warm, friendly environment. To meet this goal, we must always be acutely aware of the wishes of our clients and be committed to the needs of our patients. Every patient must be treated with compassion and kindness, as we would wish for our own sick pet. Every client must be addressed with respect and empathy, understanding the overwhelming power of the human-animal bond.

In addition, we will always practice the highest quality of medicine and surgery, finding the least invasive technique that will yield the most information, thereby enabling us to make an accurate diagnosis. To meet this goal, we must stay current with medical advances and embrace technology.

I can't thank you enough for the care you and your staff have provided just in the short while I have been coming to you. Rascal was near death when I brought her in a couple of months ago. She is now a healthy, playful and affectionate cat. Having her back is priceless. - Sharon Germantown, MD