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Compassionate, State-of-the-Art Veterinary Services for Your Pets

A pair of labrador retrievers

A visit to the doctor often times causes stress in humans, the same can be said for our animal companions. At Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to helping your four-legged family member feel as safe and comfortable as possible during his or her visit.

We offer many minimally invasive diagnostic procedures including the use of fiber optic scopes and radiography. These allow for in-depth viewing of your pet’s insides without having to subject them to the pain of exploratory surgery.

Most laboratory tests are performed in-house which allows us to obtain rapid results which minimizes wait time. This is often life or death for critical cases.

While our focus is always on providing the best medical care possible for you furred friend, we are also keenly aware of their emotional comfort as well. Our staff is trained to recognize signs of fear or anxiety and knows what steps to take to comfort and assure your pet that they are safe.

Whether your visit is for a wellness check, dental care, or a surgical procedure, you can feel confident that we will treat your pet like family.

After nearly 25 years of looking to you to provide the primary care for our animal family, we are still impressed with your ability to bring so many years of experience and observation into each interaction, always tempered with a deep understanding for our responsibilities to family members who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you again for being an exceptional family veterinarian and friend, and for being so present and available to us and to Keeper when we needed your help. - Jennifer