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Covid 19 Precautions - Dr. Weiss remains committed to our team and our community. While we remain fully operational at this time, Dr Weiss is practicing curbside appointments to insure everyone's safety.

Bradley Hills Animal Hospital

Excellence in Veterinary Medicine, Because We Care

We believe that quality animal medicine involves fusing state-of-the-art technology and equipment with skilled and caring veterinary professionals. At Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, we offer the latest advances in veterinary services for dogs and cats.

As pet owners ourselves, we appreciate the special bond between animals and their families. Everything about our facility is designed with your pet’s health, comfort and safety in mind; from our friendly, calm environment to our dedicated staff. We strive to make you feel like a part of our family from the moment you and your pet enter our doors.

We invite you to tour our website and discover the exceptional veterinary care we can provide for your very special animal companion.

After nearly 25 years of looking to you to provide the primary care for our animal family, we are still impressed with your ability to bring so many years of experience and observation into each interaction, always tempered with a deep understanding for our responsibilities to family members who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you again for being an exceptional family veterinarian and friend, and for being so present and available to us and to Keeper when we needed your help. - Jennifer